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Tourism Marketing

We are a specialist for strategic and operational tourism marketing and tourism master plans - worldwide.

As an tourism consulting company, IPK develops marketing strategies, marketing plans, tourism forecasts and business development concepts on a regional, national and international level. Our tourism marketing studies are based on qualitative and / or quantitative market research, combined with extensive marketing and tourism know-how.

Tasks and examples of strategic and operational tourism marketing

  • Development of basic marketing guidelines
  • Defining marketing objectives / forecasts
  • Identification of new business / market opportunities
  • Selection of priority markets / defining core markets
  • Development of competitive market strategies, expansion / penetration strategies
  • Image strategy / image study
  • Market positioning (USP) / tourism brands
  • Product strategies / product development / product re-launch / new products
  • Quality improvement programs
  • Strategies and measures for sustainable tourism development
  • Price strategies / price positioning
  • Sales distribution concepts / new sales channels
  • Communication strategies / advertising concepts / agency briefing
  • Identification of future target groups / defining the core groups
  • Recommendations for marketing budgets

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