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Travel Data Check List

The World Travel Monitor® data check list outlined in the following informs you in detail about the:

  • Questions and the single characteristics per question.
  • List of researched countries (country of origin).
  • List of the years World Travel Monitor® data is available.


All data of the World Travel Monitor® is available as:

  • Outbound Travel Data: travel data from a country (e.g. volume and characteristics of the outbound trips made by the Germans)
  • Inbound Travel Data / International Arrivals: travel data to a country (e.g. trips taken by Germans to a certain destination such as Spain, USA, Africa, etc.)

Outbound travel data is available for all researched countries (countries of origin).

Inbound travel data is available for about 100 destinations (countries, regions, major cities) worldwide in Europe, America, Africa and Asia / Pacific.


Please mark on the travel data check list the information / questions you are interested in. We will then provide you with a non-binding estimate.

See World Travel Monitor® Travel Data Check List

Should you have any further queries regarding the content and costs of the travel data, please do not hesitate to contact us.